CREEPY Facts About CUTE Animals!

Published on 07 Aug 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Check out these creepy facts about cute animals! This top 10 list of cute creatures that are actually scary and deadly is absolutely surprising!

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12. Koalas Carry STDS
While they might look cute and cuddly, it’s a bad idea to get too close to a koala. You especially don’t want to pick one up because most of them are infected with Chlamydia. Up to 90 percent of the little guys are infected with the silent STD that can be easily spread to humans.
Koalas can carry one of two strains of Chlamydia, C. pecorum and C. pneumonia. While C. pecorum only shows up in creatures like koalas, water buffaloes, pigs, and bandicoots, it turns out humans are quite susceptible to C. pneumonia. This nasty bacterium leads to respiratory infections.
But how do people contract Chlamydia from Koalas? From their urine. If you pick up one of these plague-ridden marsupials, the koala might decide to relieve itself all over the place. Or, you could come into contact with something the koala has peed on. This infection is so prevalent, actually, that some have suggested culling the population to control the spread.

11. Hippos are Hungry-Hungry for Flesh
Despite their dumpy, adorable appearance, hippos are the most aggressive and dangerous animals in Africa. It's estimated that they're responsible for more human deaths than lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalo, and leopards combined. But that’s not the worst of it.
Normally herbivores, hippo cannibalism has been documented on several occasions and has even been captured on film. Scientists say this happens when hippopotamuses become stressed due to overcrowding or when suffering nutritional deficiencies. It isn’t a healthy option, either. A massive anthrax outbreak in 2004, which killed hundreds of hippos, was probably caused by cannibalism.
Hippos also have been known to munch on the corpses of impalas from time to time, and one wild report from the government of Addis Ababa claimed that some hippos were actually hunting down cattle. Hippos have long been known to attack people, killing up to 2,900 annually, and they may eat humans as well.
River guide Paul Templer was working his way down Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River in 2013 when he was rushed by a bull hippo. The irate beast killed Paul’s apprentice and then tried to swallow Paul whole. He managed to get free but he suffered 40 deep wounds, some of which exposed his lungs, and one of his arms was amputated. After he recuperated, he went right back to his old job.

10. Sea Turtles Will Try to Rape You
Male sea turtles can weigh up to 180 kilograms (400 pounds). During mating season, they only have one thing on their minds: the next conquest. These shelled reptiles approach females from behind, grab the shoulders with their clawed flippers, and then latch on with a claw-like tip on their tail. Next, they generally pin their mate to the ocean floor and hang on for hours, sometimes 12 or more.
For turtles, that’s wine and chocolates on Valentine’s Day. However, things get a lot more dangerous (and humiliating) when the reptiles decide they want to hit on humans. In 2007, conservation geneticist Brian Bowen was collecting fish off the coast of Australia when a randy, 100-kilogram (220 pound), green turtle tried to mount him. Bowen was able to keep the creature at bay with his Hawaiian sling, fighting off three more attempts before the heartbroken beast swam away.
A loggerhead turtle similarly assaulted Bruce Gernon, an Islamorada real estate agent. The turtle drove Gernon to the ocean floor. As it wrapped its flippers around his shoulders and, as Bruce put it, “probed me in the backside,” the man managed to shove a lobster into the turtle’s face. The confused reptile let Gernon go, giving the diver enough time to swim to safety. Boy, that really changes the way you think of sea turtles, doesn’t it?

9. Polar Bears are Cannibals
Summer and fall are lean times for polar bears in the Arctic. In the colder months, they prey on seals sprawling along the sea ice that fringes the bears' terrain. In the summer, though, much of this icy real estate melts away and the seals take to the open seas or move north toward ice floes beyond the polar bears' reach. Left without their usual prey, the bears occasionally resort to cannibalism. This is usually bears eating other, smaller bears or cubs.
Scientists are divided over whether this is a rare behavior becoming more commonplace or if it is just being better documented.

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